MUSIC: Spoiled Smokers Presents: Caution Da Don “The Smokeshow Sessions Vol.1”


It’s that time of year again and the Spoiled Smokers Collective & The Sars Network are back with another 4/20 gift for all the Hip-Hop Weedheads out there, “CAUTION DA DON – THE SMOKESHOW SESSIONS VOL.1“. Featuring guest appearances from TRA, Acetik & Conscious Thought and production from Phat Tony, T-Rupt & Chief 4Syt. As always a special shout out to all the emcees and producers whose beats we used, it’s all love. You can download the album for free or pay what you like to help show your support for the SSC. So Roll Up, Smoke Up & Enjoy.

PURCHASE/DOWNLOAD: Caution Da Don – The Smokeshow Sessions Vol.1


*** For those noticing a track is missing off of the playlist, that’s because Soundcloud is hating. Go get the full copy from the bandcamp to see what you’re missing out on.***


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