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#SSC420Music Vol.2

Here it is, the #SSC420Music folder for this week. These are just a handful of the new smoking songs that are out there and I figure I’ll focus on some of the newer songs before diving deep into the classics. So click the link to download the folder and Roll Up, Smoke Up & Enjoy.

– The Dude

DOWNLOAD: #SSC420Music Vol.2


VIDEO: Curren$y LIVE in Toronto JET LIFE TOUR 2012

Video of Curren$y performing KING KONG & FAMOUS before being joined by Young Roddy(who almost didn’t make it cause of border issues) to perform ROASTED. The show was dope other than security tripping the fuck out(it’s a Jet Life show you should EXPECT weed smoke) and I would definitely see another Curren$y/Jet Life show as long as it wasn’t at the same venue.

Filmed Live at The Opera House in Toronto during the JET LIFE TOUR 2012

#SSC420Music Vol.1

Finally #SSC420Music has returned, and for those who don’t know what that is I’ll explain. Every week or so we’ll post a download link here to a zip file that contains a handful of songs that we listen to while getting smoked out. These songs will range in genre depending on what we’ve been listening too. Our hopes is you’ll follow the blog, download the folders & enjoy the music while sacrificing the sacred plant. And hopefully over time we’ll help you to build the greatest smoking playlist there is. Feel free to leave comments & suggestions of songs we could put in future #SSC420Music folders as there is no way I can possibly know them all. So with that said click the link in the title and Roll Up, Smoke Up & Enjoy.

-The Dude

DOWNLOAD: #SSC420Music Vol.1