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MUSIC: Doggystyle: The Samples [20thAnniversary] (Mixed by Snoop Dogg)


I’ve always said that DOGGYSTYLE was my favourite album by a westcoast artist ever released so anything celebrating that is cool with me, but a mix of all the songs sampled in the making of the album mixed by Snoop himself?!, I’m in for sure. I suggest everybody roll up a couple & get highed up in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of one of the Greatest albums of all time, DOGGYSTYLE.

” Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Doggystyle, Snoop aka DJ Snoopadelic put together a mix of all the samples used to make the album. Check out the video here:youtu.be/wNJXkeVX1lY “


November 23rd marks the 20th Anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s highly-acclaimed Doggystyle, in which his lyrical realism and distinctive vocal flow forever changed hip-hop and helped define the genre into what it is today.

In honor of this date, Snoop has created an enticing mixtape of the samples used on Doggystyle. Never done before, Snoop offers exclusive commentary about each song and the behind-the-scenes stories that went on during the making of the historic record. The mixtape offers fans a once-in-a-lifetime experience to hear first-hand, the creative process behind the record. “