How To Write A Weed Review [Matt Mernagh]



 You might think I wouldn’t want to give away secrets to writing a marijuana review, but the opposite is true. Enthusiasts can get more from their marijuana regardless if they are interested in reviewing cannabis or not. That’s because a reviewer will take their time to enjoy their toke. They share their opinions with friends and encourage others to become enthusiasts too.

Anyone can review cannabis and there are numerous ways to do it. You can write a review for one of the many review sites, (sites are always looking for new reviewers), record a YouTube, Vine or Instagram video, write 140 characters on Twitter, setup a Tumblr page. There’s really no reason not to post your thoughts on pot. Getting started can seem daunting, but don’t fret, five years ago I was struggling too.


How To Write A Weed Review:

 Create Cannabis Content While Toking

Dedicate time daily to writing weedy words, editing stoney videos or creating a cool quick clip. The more you do the better you will become. Cannabis is known to get the creativity flowering – so why not turn your sessions into creativity time? A dedicated time every day really helps your brain get in the mood to be creative.

Make Toke Notes

Before reviewing any marijuana strain I’ve inhaled it many different ways and settings. Use your smartphone or a little notebook to make toke notes. These nug notes will help when it comes to creating your review.

Inhale And Review

The only way to properly create a cannabis review is to inhale while creating it. Then the weed has a chance to influence the review. Now that you have experienced the review sample in many different settings and methods, sit down one last time to create with it. By doing the above step, this step becomes much more fun. I have a stash of cannabis just waiting to be reviewed every day.

Basics Of Reviewing

There are several key features that are required for all marijuana reviews. We review the aroma, the structure, the effects and the taste. Many websites have a rigid review formula, but that doesn’t fit my personal writing style. It’s up to you whether you stick a formula or you just let fly.

Rigid Formula vs Free Flow

There’s nothing wrong with having a rigid formula for every review your write. However, within that structure you need to be creative in explaining the stoner sensations you experienced. Do not rely on a number (ie 3 out 5) to tell the whole story.

Weed Words

Unfortunately there’s not many specific marijuana words for reviews. This makes many reviews read all the same. Our goal is to be unique. Dank is not a good marijuana word because it actually means wet moldy basement. No one wants wet weed. My biggest secret, in an effort to expand our weed lexicon, is the wikipedia on wine tasting terms.

Read, Watch, Repeat

I’m inspired by beatnic writings, music and music critic, video games and my fellow potheads. You’ll have your own influences and don’t be afraid at first to rely heavily on them while developing your own flair. Hunter S. Thompson, in his younger years, would type out great works of literature to get a feel for the words.

Don’t be discouraged your reviews aren’t top tier at first, practice will get you to the cannabis Carnegie Hall. In journalism school I never thought I would be writing about weed and I’m not sure if Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook was what Humber School of Writers was expecting from me. Formal education goes far in creating great cannabis content.

– Matt Mernagh –
Matt Mernagh is author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains from Green Candy Press.
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